Delivering The Science That Underpins
and De-Risks Subsurface Modelling.

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Delivering the science that underpins and de-risks subsurface modelling.

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Rocky coastline with trees and crashing waves

Our Products and services

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PetroStrat Icon Quantitative Biostrat


The ultimate tool for exploring the geological record and validating subsurface interpretations with high-resolution frameworks.

Rocky coastline with trees and crashing waves
PetroStrat Icon Reservoir Geology Sedimentology

Reservoir Geology
& Sedimentology

An integrated service incorporating biostratigraphy and sedimentology to provide unrivalled insight into the reservoir formation.

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PetroStrat Icon Realtime Wellsite

Real-time Wellsite

Specialising in real-time biostratigraphy, our expansive wellsite-ready team brings global expertise to support crucial engineering decisions.

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PetroStrat Icon Labs


We offer a state-of-the-art rock and microfossil sample processing and analysis for energy, construction and academia. All from our world-leading in-house lab.

Rock core samples at the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland
PetroStrat Icon Carbon Capture Storage

Carbon Storage Assessment

Powering new energy initiatives with over 20 years of experience characterising the subsurface.

Ocean Waves
PetroStrat Icon Innovative JV


Multidisciplinary foundational studies underpinning exploration and development operations worldwide.

At PetroStrat, we put the needs of our clients at the forefront of everything we do, offering bespoke services to meet even the most demanding of needs.

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We bring together the data, services and expertise to de-risks operations and improve operational efficiency.

PetroStrat Icon Confidence Levels

reducing uncertainty 

We combine our robust data sets and highly experienced team to reduce uncertainty and build confidence throughout your entire project lifecycle.   

PetroStrat Icon Digital Data

We get more
from data  

With decades of experience collecting data from around the world, our integrated analytics and reporting give you increased confidence in the interpretations you make. 

PetroStrat Icon Realtime Monitoring

Save time,
extract more 

Our work delivers a measurable impact, reducing development costs and maximising your return on investment.

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Catch up on the latest PetroStrat news, read our project blogs or dip into some of our fascinating educational articles.

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Brazil Aerial Coastline

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